If you're pinching pennies just to afford a daily commute from New Jersey to a job in New York City, there may be more trouble on the way.

Manhattan Borough Council President Scott Stringer has proposed a "commuter tax" in an effort to shore up the city's finances. It would amount to .45%. Bbut Monmouth County Freeholder Director John Curley says it's nothing more than gouging.

"People are overtaxed as is," said Curley, who led the Board in a resolution opposing the plan at its Thursday meeting in Freehold. "I resent the fact that [Manhattan council members] want to balance their budget on the backs of Monmouth County residents and New Jersey residents."

Curley estimates that the extra fee would impact at least 24,000 Monmouth commuters, leaving them less to spend in the county or anywhere else, ultimately impacting business that still hasn't completely recovered from the recession.

"Our commuters are paying enough in taxes here in New Jersey than to have a taxed placed on them by the City of New York," Curly fumed.