I've been hearing some heartwarming stories lately.  Thousands of dollars worth of Walmart layaway items were paid for by generous strangers in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Two women in New York rallied their friends and neighbors and raised $12,500 for a charity that buys up people’s old medical bills and forgives them. Their efforts have helped thousands of people in need across New York.

If you do an online search for something like "strangers pick up tabs" you'll see lots of feel-good stories.  Such charitable acts seem to peak during the holiday season which is why they're on my mind right now.  Plus we're hearing such touching stories during the Making Miracles Radiothon.  Thanks to all of you who are donating, by the way!

It's really a magical time of year so let's keep the kind gestures going!

Have you ever been on the receiving end of generosity from a stranger?  Have you been the recipient of a surprise act of kindness?  Or have you ever done a good deed like paying for a stranger's meal or groceries?


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