I’m so drained over everything that I can’t even muster up any hate for the New York Yankees which is just not me.

I’ll be honest I have never had less interest in pro sports than right at this moment and I attribute it to the wear and tear that current events have put on me.  It’s not just the pandemic, politics, race wars, the economy but all of that and more.

Sports is supposed to an outlet. An escape from all of this but it’s not working.  I turn on the NBA Playoffs and I’m smacked in the face with the issues of racism and to be honest it’s a bit too much for me. Baseball’s postseason has apparently been very compelling but I haven’t made it through more than a few innings of any game. The empty stadiums, piped in sound effects and cardboard cutouts just don’t do it for me.

Same for the NFL. The only thing that sparks any interest is watching the RedZone channel on Sunday to see how my fantasy team is doing. By the way, like many other things in 2020 my fantasy team is more like a nightmare.  1-3 and likely going nowhere.

So let me get back to the Yankees.  Normally by this time the only thing I have to root for is whatever team is playing baseball’s “evil empire” and I manage to get pumped up for that.  However I can’t muster up any interest in this. Last week I just about forgot they were playing the Indians and now they’re taking on the Tampa Bay Rays.

I mean,  the series is being played in an empty Petco Park in San Diego. Nice weather but it doesn’t even come close to feeling like playoff baseball.

Plus I guess I have mellowed as the years have gone by.  We need something good to happen and for many of you the Yankees winning a 28th World Series would indeed be a good thing and give you something to take your mind off all the garbage we have to deal with every day.

So for that reason I am not going to root against them because I want you to be happy and be able to smile and laugh and hug your family when Aaron Judge catches a fly ball sometime in the next few weeks to wrap it up.

Sometimes it’s amazing when you wake up and you can remember all the details of a dream.  Boy am I glad they don’t really come true.

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