I don't know about you but the recent Giants football games even has a non-football watcher like me paying attention.

You just can't shut the Giants down! I've been watching as one player, like wide-receiver Victor Cruz of Paterson rise to almost mythical status in one game, only to get boxed in and silenced during the next game by the opposing team. However, not even that is stopping the so-called "Big Blue Wrecking Crew."

Every player, both offense and defense seems to be doing their part. With the exception of Quarterback Eli Manning, there appears to be no one star that's out shinning the other. They're all stars and that's why this season is so exciting.

I'm getting jazzed even talking about it. Wow! and it's not even the Super Bowl yet!

I guess the game says a lot about the power of what can be accomplished when everybody does their part. If the Giants don't get cocky and sloppy I believe we'll see them win another Super Bowl.