On this fourth day of May it's funny that people are saying "May The Fourth Be With You!"  I get that it's a "Star Wars" reference.  And I get that the many different Star Wars films are beloved by zillions of people around the world.

Can I ask why?  What is it that I am missing out on?  Why are the fans so obsessed?  There must be something that they see that I don't.

Full disclosure, my only exposure to "Star Wars" was seeing the first film on DVD in the 90s.  I fell asleep for a good part of it.  That was my first indication that I may not be meant for "Star Wars" fandom.  But then a saw the prequel, "Episode One: The Phantom Menace," and I just didn't really care about what was going on on screen.  And yes, I dozed off again.

I love movies and I generally approach all films with an open mind but something about "Star Wars" and me just aren't clicking.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.  Anyone else at the Jersey Shore who just doesn't get "Star Wars?"  Those of you who love it, can you explain why?  And if there's one film that might help turn me on to "Star Wars," what would it be?

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