Fake news! Many people have different definitions of what exactly fake news is. This story about Leo DiCaprio is literally fake news. 

Leonardo Di Caprio Has Lunch At The Social Bite Cafe
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WASB 27 News reported that Leonardo DiCaprio's vehicle broke down in Freehold and that several residents helped him with his "mechanical problems."

The outlet claimed to get a statement from Leo saying:

I was in Freehold, New Jersey last week. I was actually just driving through and the car I was in started having some problems so I pulled over and was about to call the rental car company when I look up in my rear view mirror and see two cars pulling up behind me. These two guys get out and ask if I need any help. This is the kind of thing that would never happen in L.A., ya know?

Just to be crystal clear. This. never. happened.

WASB 27 News is one of the many "satire news" sites that are popping up online. Unfortunately, many consider them a real news source and take their reporting seriously. What's worse, is that readers then share the story and the bogus information goes viral.

On the site's disclaimer page it says:

wasb27.com is an entertainment website composed mostly of articles containing satire. None of the articles on wasb27.com should be considered true and are simply works of satire meant for entertainment purposes. You can contact us at: newssite1955@gmail.com.

In my opinion, while this site and others like it may seem harmless, they really are dangerous.

Face it, we all know people who believe whatever they read and never consider the source. "Satire news" sites are preying on the gullibility of readers and the power of social media. All it takes is a good amount of shares, and complete nonsense is everywhere.

In a world where the words "fake news" are used all the time, we all have to be careful what we believe, and more importantly pass along.

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