Yesterday, we got a detailed plan from officials in Seaside Heights for the phased reopening of the beach and boardwalk for the start of the 2020 summer season.

If you didn't read the whole thing though, you might have missed the part about the fact that you will not be able to buy a season beach badge or daily wristband on the boardwalk, at least to start.

Normally, if you were visiting for the day or if you wanted to grab yourself a season badge that you didn't buy in advance, you could just walk up to one of the booths on the boardwalk and get one.

For the start of the reopening plan though, if you want to get on the beach you'll have to buy in advance through your smartphone.

A number of Jersey Shore beach towns, Seaside Heights included, are now using the Viply mobile app to sell beach badges electronically.

According to the official release from Seaside Heights, the electronic-only beach badge system will run through at least June 30, 2020.


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