The Forked River, Forked River Middle Branch and Spur, the South Spur, and the channel known as the “Elks” Channel will all be dredged as part of a $2,500,000.00 project announced Monday by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

(Vin Ebenau,Townsquare Media)
(Vin Ebenau,Townsquare Media)

The project's goal is to dredge both the Forked River and Barnegat Bay channels to ensure safe navigation and maintenance, according to NJDOT officials.

Dredging will begin sometime in the middle of August and continue 24/7 until the end of September with work beginning in the Forked River channels and onward to the Barnegat Bay channels.

While the cleaning is ongoing official say use of the channel will be limited for use where the pipeline is carrying the dredged material to the Oyster Creek Confined Disposal Facility.

Channel closures are not expected, but that's subject to change.

"The public is advised to be aware of and stay alert to the pipeline, buoys, dredge and other equipment during this time. NJDOT asks that no one approach the pipeline, dredge or any related project equipment under any circumstances, whether or not active dredging operations are observed. These channels in the Forked River area can be especially narrow at times and boaters should proceed through dredging maintenance and construction zones with the utmost caution. No wake speed should be observed throughout the duration of the project," according to the NJDOT in a statement.

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