Energy conservation at school begins at an early age with teachers barking "turn out the light's when you leave the room", but New Jersey Natural Gas is beginning a pilot program to schools which not only educates about the importance of conservation but actually shows them their progress as they save.

The See the Light energy awareness program, a developed by KCG Energy LLC is a behavior based nationally spanning program which will be available to thirty school districts within New Jersey Natural Gas' service area, and will help students and teachers reduce their energy cost and lower their carbon footprint.



To enter, schools need to contact New Jersey Natural Gas at  732- 378 4928 to sign up.  If chosen as one of the thirty pilot schools, they will receive a toolkit valued at $1000 (New Jersey Natural Gas picks up the tab) which contains benchmarking software as well as resource handbooks, tips, and even printed material to spread the message of conservation to students and faculty.
New Jersey Natural Gas spokesman Michael Kinney says that program reinforces some of the basic habits many of us have been doing for most of our lives. "It encourages best practices such as encouraging to turn the lights off, to adjust the thermostat, things that are simple but need to be reinforced at every level. " says Kinney.

However he says what makes the program extra enticing for students and teachers alike, is that participants will actually be able to track their progress and see the savings.

"It also provides benchmarking tools so you can identify how you're doing, charts to graph the reduction in energy schools and municipalities are using." Noting that "it's a comprehensive approach that provides basic tips and encourages energy efficiency as part of schools and municipalities operations. "

In addition to the environmental advantage, municipalities will also see an improvement to their bottom lines. Recipients of the kit can also be shows what incentives they may be eligible for from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.

Above all Kinney says most important part of the program is the message of energy conservation.
"We all need to do our part to protect our environment, to protect our natural resources to ensure the quality of life for us and our family and future generations. "

Interested school districts and municipalities within the NJNG's service territory may be eligible to participate in a See The Light pilot program at no cost and receive the toolkit for free (a $999 value).

For more information, contact Raquel Phillips, NJNG outreach program specialist at 732-378-4928 or <>.