🔵 New Jersey legislation becomes law helping out businesses who sell alarms

🔵 Jersey Shore State Senator Robert Singer says his bill will cut red tape for businesses who sell fire and burglary alarms

🔵 Business who sell fire alarms, burglary alarms and locksmiths will now have easier time advertising in New Jersey

It could soon get easier for business to better advertise that they sell burglar alarms and fire alarms and give a boost to locksmith industries thanks to a bill just signed into law in New Jersey by Governor Phil Murphy.

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New Jersey State Senator Robert Singer (R-30), who represents a portion of Ocean County and Monmouth County at the Statehouse, explains that this legislation he sponsored will considerably help out locksmiths and businesses who sell these items and more.

These types of businesses and professionals are facing some obstacles with getting approvals to help promote who they are and what they sell, explains Singer, and among them is having to include their license number as well as the license of number of any professional they use in any advertisement.

Now that changes, as Singer said his bill (S-2497/A-4065), allows burglar alarm, fire alarm and locksmith businesses to post a web address/URL in their advertisements.

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In some cases, if these businesses use the web address/URL on their advertisements instead of the license number, the ladder will have to be seen in a clear way at the business.

“I am extremely pleased this bill was signed into law today. These small, but important updates to the advertising guidelines of the alarm and locksmith industries are long overdue,” Senator Singer (R-30) said in a written statement. “Virtually every successful business, whether small or large, has a functioning website. There is simply no need to require license number information in ads—the business web address is more than satisfactory. This legislation will help cut red tape for our local businesses and encourage a more streamlined advertising production process.”

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