🔴 A North Jersey doctor had his license revoked for sexual misconduct

🔴 He had a sexual relationship with an impaired patient resulting in a child born in 1986

🔴 A dismissed lawsuit filed by the patient's family claims further misconduct

An Essex County doctor is no longer allowed to practice medicine after an investigation found that nearly four decades ago, he had sex with a patient who suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a child.

Dr. Jashvant Amin, an internist and hematologist, had his license revoked after an investigation by the Enforcement Bureau for the State Board of Medical Examiners found "uncontroverted evidence" of "professional and sexual misconduct." The investigation also found he lacks "good moral character."

The decision announced Wednesday comes after a DNA test proved, with 99.99% certainty, that Amin was the father of a child born in 1986, a consent order said.

The child's mother began pregnant in 1985 while she was Amin's patient. She had been "cognitively impaired" by a brain injury, the Attorney General's Office said.

Dr. Jashvant Amin (RWJ Barnabas Health)
Dr. Jashvant Amin (RWJ Barnabas Health)

“For any physician to engage in sexual activity with a patient is a serious breach of professional ethics, but it is especially egregious when the misconduct involves a patient compromised by a cognitive impairment. No one who visits a healthcare provider in this state should ever have to worry about being exploited in this way," Attorney General Matthew Platkin said.

Amin will no longer be allowed at his office in Orange as a result of the order. He will not be allowed to appeal.

Lawsuit details accusations of sexual assault

The investigation into Amin resulted from a complaint filed by the patient's family. The family also filed a lawsuit against the doctor in 2020. However, in 2021 the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.

According to the suit, the patient suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was 13 years old that impacted her cognitive abilities. Around ten years later in 1985, she began to see Amin for check-ups and to get medicine for epilepsy.

Dr. Jashvant Amin's office at 355 Henry St. in Orange, NJ. (Google Maps)
Dr. Jashvant Amin's office at 355 Henry St. in Orange, NJ. (Google Maps)

Amin would hold down the patient and rape her during these visits, the suit said. The patient told her family about the sexual assaults, but "her mother told her not to press charges because he was a physician and she would destroy his family," according to the suit.

After the patient became pregnant, Amin told her to abort the child because he was already married with children but she refused, the lawsuit claimed.

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