Hate to say it, but summer's almost over, South Jersey. Insert sad face emoji here.
While we do have local summer to look forward to, that means the colder months are right around the corner.

Pretty soon, we'll be hitting that stretch of time every year where people are on high alert regarding germs. That's especially true sine we're living in post-pandemic times.

Nobody wants to worry about them, yet we all do. More, in fact, than ever before. Chances are you will more than likely contract at least a little cold sometime during those months. Unfortunately, there's not really much you can do about it either, at least if you live in or around one of the most unhealthiest cities in the country.

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Spoiler alert, Jersey.... we do.

It doesn't really matter how clean you are, rather it's more about the hygiene patterns of those around you. For example, if someone doesn't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze on public transportation, you could pick up whatever bugs they're carrying regardless of how much detail you put into your own hygiene.

Also, the healthier your habits, the better your overall health will be, right? Well, if you hail from a place where everyone tries to live healthy lives, chances are those habits will rub off on you in one form or another.

There are certain places, however, that are not known for their healthy lifestyles. In fact, according to a survey by the folks over at Mindbody, we live pretty close to one of the worst ones.

Philadelphia ranked as the 13th most unhealthiest city out of the 50 that were surveyed in the whole United States.

Philly is super close to South Jersey. In fact, so many South Jersey residents even have family from there. If you have any family still living there, gift them with a box of tissues and some hand sanitizer while there's still time.

Check out the full survey for yourself HERE.

Source: MindbodyOnline.com

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