Something we always hear about here in New Jersey is our high “property taxes”. If you have lived for any time here in the Garden State, then you have heard people complaining about the issues of property taxes and how ours are high in New Jersey.


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Let’s face it, who likes property taxes? We know there are expenses in our towns but we would rather see lower bills than higher…who wouldn’t. So when we discuss property taxes usually it’s not a fun topic.



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According to an article, Manchester Township has the lowest property taxes in Ocean County and is the TOP 20 lowest in all of New Jersey. This in comparison to a recent article I wrote concerning the highest property taxes in New Jersey.

According to the article, Manchester Township has an average property tax in 2020 of $4,183.00. In Sussex County the town of Walpack had the lowest property taxes in New Jersey, with an average bill of $514.00 in 2020.

Monmouth County had one town in TOP 25 lowest, Shrewsbury Township at #22 and Burlington County had three towns… Pemberton Township, Pemberton Borough and Washington Township.

So when it comes to property taxes in your town? I won’t be surprised if your not happy…like I said, who likes paying property tax? But when you compare your town to others in New Jersey, does it make you feel any better?

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