How exciting, it's time for New Jersey's favorite Drive-In to open for another great season. This drive-in is always fun with new movies on the "big" screen almost every weekend.

When is the Delsea Drive-In Theatre Opening for the 2022 Season?

It opens this weekend Friday, March 25th, 2022, and Saturday, March 26th, 2022. All tickets will be sold online by clicking here. Delsea Drive-In is located at 2203 South Delsea Drive in Vineland, NJ.

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New Movies opening up this weekend at the Delsea Drive-In, "The Lost City" with Sandra Bulloch, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt. "Scream" with Courtney Cox and David Arquette. "Dog" with Channing Tatum and "Uncharted" with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

There's always a double feature at the Delsea Drive-In and sometimes a triple feature. General admission is $12.50 + online ticketing fee and children 3 years and younger are free. Ticketing for the drive-in is sold by screens and not individual movies. Tickets are needed for all occupants of the vehicle over the age of 3.

Delsea Drive-In has a snack bar with candy and of course, popcorn.

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tsm princeton, jewelsy getty images

I remember growing up how much I loved the drive-in with my parents in our station wagon. We'd load up in the big car to watch the big screen. We would wear our pajamas and eat popcorn and loved every minute of it. I don't think my daughter has ever been to the drive-in, it's time I take her. She would love it. If you've never been to a drive-in, go this year.

The Delsea Drive-In closed in 1987 after many, many years of being open and then re-opened in 2004. Delsea Drive-In is New Jersey's only drive-in movie theater.

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