The New Jersey State Police are sending two simple messages with a Facebook post this week:

First - They're telling motorists exactly where they'll be looking for impaired drivers this weekend.

Second - They're encouraging the public to report impaired and dangerous driving.

The DWI checkpoint will be rolled out this Saturday in Deerfield Township, Cumberland County.

By posting the announcement so publicly, the State Police say, "If this announcement prevents just one person from drinking and driving, it's a success."

And they're also reminding everyone in the Garden State that there's a simple hotline to report dangerous driving that you spot on the roadways. In fact, I myself used the #77 hotline just last night.

I was heading up the Garden State Parkway around 9:00 last night when I saw a vehicle that wasn't just driving badly, but was posing a risk to everyone on the road.

The SUV was in the left lane the whole time and kept changing speeds while drifting from one lane to the other.

I'm no expert, but if I had to take a wild guess, I'd assume that it was someone paying attention to their cell phone at nearly 80 miles an hour on one of the state's busiest highways.

So I called the #77 hotline and reported it.

The operators who I spoke to were friendly and appreciative of my call.

I don't know what happened after my call, I got off the highway shortly after, but if my call went toward discouraging someone from texting and driving in the future, then I feel like I did the right thing.

Here's the full post on this weekend's DWI checkpoint and the #77 program from the New Jersey State Police:


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