It seems like every couple of months, this notice goes viral on Facebook, claiming that New Jersey State Police will be going on a "ticket blitz" (ironically, it's usually falsely credited to our sister station, NJ 101.5).

And while those notices are patently false, this one is definitely not, as the State Police have publicly announced a targeted DWI enforcement operation going into this weekend.

This Friday, one of the most popular party bands, the Zac Brown Band, is coming to the PNC Bank Arts Center.

While a few adult beverages and some good music is a great way to spend a summer Friday evening, getting into your car after too many of those adult beverages could end in tragedy (and, let's be honest, is a really stupid thing to do).

So the New Jersey State Police will be setting up a sobriety checkpoint at PNC this Friday in an effort to make the major roads through the Jersey Shore safer for all travelers.

Here's the official announcement from the Troopers:

Consider this your official warning from as official of a source as you could possibly get.

Have a few drinks. Have fun with friends and family. But don't you dare put everyone else, yourself included, in mortal danger by getting behind the wheel after doing so!


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