I know, this is going to be weird but it's happened to me a couple of times and I've come away with bruises.

And, one time my dog's leash got stuck on one.

Public Service Announcement, please:

If you drive a truck with a trailer hitch or even and SUV with a trailer hitch please be considerate and pull all the way up in your driveway. I ask that you please don't back up onto the sidewalk.

There are so many trucks with hitches on our streets that are not pulled all the way in to their driveways. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's just something to think about.

quantumwebmasters, getty images
quantumwebmasters, getty images

I'm a walker that's looking everywhere else other than right in front of me and I know mainly it's my fault, but please remember there are walkers just like me and especially if you're walking dogs, yes I've gotten tangled up in a truck hitch already.

It's not just about me walking but it's also about handicapped accessible that need a full sidewalk to get by so they don't have to go into the street.

I totally get after work and a long day, pulling into the driveway, and not even thinking about the back of your car hanging out onto the sidewalk, but just something to think about. I'm saying "Thank you" for pulling your truck with a hitch all the way in.

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