Tragically, this is the third death at this lake in just 2 years.  Here's what happened.

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Manchester, New Jersey police are reporting the passing of 22-year-old Jimy Sadan Gomez-Estrada. They say he was swimming with a guest in "Crystal Lake", which is private property and not open for swimming when he went into distress. His guest was pulled to safety by a passerby but Gomez-Estrada could not be saved in time. Detective Conklin is looking for witnesses. If you know anything call 732-657-2009, ext. 4211.

This lake is no joke and not intended for swimming. In fact, it is a "criminal offense to enter or remain on the property." The lake is an aquifer with 'blue holes.' As Jahna Michal shares, "they're patches of extremely clear water in the middle of the woods that were formed by former mining sites throughout New Jersey." And they're not safe. With steep drop-offs, ice-cold temperatures, and unstable bottoms swimmers can quickly find themselves in an unsafe, potentially life-threatening, situation. While the water may look beautiful, you're breaking the law and putting your life in danger by swimming there.

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