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Hate is a strong word, but according to a new Yahoo News  article, the Garden State is the MOST Hated state in America!

Say it isn't so! Don't people from all over the nation LOVE New Jersey? We definitely had to look at this survey and see WHY we are on everyone's  #&*^ list !

Yahoo came up with there "hatred index" and basically it looked at several factors including the amount of people who left a state, state pride and Instagram data.

Let me first start with the "state pride". Alaska had the highest rating with 77% state pride, while New Jersey had a 28% rating. Do YOU have pride in New Jersey?

States that hate New Jersey .... New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

The "Hatred Index" New Jersey scored 818 followed by Texas, California, Oklahoma and Florida. The states that measured lowest on the "hatred index" included  Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Idaho ... which scored a -304 on the "hatred index".

Have you ever heard anyone say they "hate" New Jersey? not counting late night comedians. Is it "hate" or "jealousy" ? What do you think? Have you ever considered leaving the Garden State or have already left?

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