I feel like we are at a COVID crossroads here in New Jersey:

On one hand you have a drop in many of the numbers that concern us the most, including deaths and hospitalizations combined with the fact that each day more and more people are getting the vaccine.  Governor Murphy is easing restrictions including those impacting sports and entertainment venues and houses of worship.

That all seems positive. But.

People are still dying every day from COVID complications, there are still more than 2,000 currently hospitalized because of it and everywhere we go we are reminded of the reality that the pandemic is very much real.

So have we or are we turning the corner or is there still a long way to go?  Let’s be honest, do we completely trust scientists to give us clear answers because even they have been wrong.  I’m not blaming them but there is no manual for what we are dealing with and things seem to change all the time.

One minute somebody tells us that everyone who wants the vaccine will have it by the end of the summer and the next we hear by the end of the year.  Sure I love Dr. Fauci but he’s not exactly batting .1000 because again there is no playbook to check. Remember he was the same guy who told us in the beginning that it was not necessary to wear a mask.  Now he’s saying we might be wearing them in 2022.

Bottom line is every expert whether on the side of science or medicine is often saying what they think not what they know because they are not sure.

We need to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Winter is winding down and we are going to want to be outside more and more.  However we will have to play it safe and smart because regardless of what you believe COVID-19 is still taking way too many lives.

Just ask the families who have lost loved ones.

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