We like to tackle the pressing issues here on 94.3 The Point so I quickly put on my reporter hat (it was a bit dusty) and I dug in to see if there was any truth to the swirling rumors about a brand new Girl Scout cookie flavor joining the line up this year. As you can tell, this is serious business so I went straight to the top and talked to the C.E.O. of Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, Eileen Higgins to get the cold hard facts. Let's just say, you're going to love what I found out!  There IS a new cookie coming to town and it's going to rock your world.

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First of all, let me just say that I learned so much by talking with Miss Higgins.  Did you know that the Girl Scouts also sell a line of chocolates in October? I had no idea that you could get treats from the Girl Scouts outside of cookie season! The chocolate treat line can be found here so you are ready for when they launch this fall.  These make an awesome gift!  Here is a sneak peak of what is offered:

Chocolate offerings for this October Photo credit: The Girl Scouts Jersey Shore

If you are going to indulge why not make it the cookie with a cause?  That's what I say!  Miss Higgins explained why we should feel good treating ourselves...

Through our cookie program the girl scouts teach entrepreneurial skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. We are helping to build our future leaders and our leaders are girls!

OK, now the moment you've been reading for...drumroll please...The awesome NEW Girl Scout cookie flavor are called..."Adventurefuls" and they sound like they are going to give Thin Mints a run for their money!  They're a chocolate brownie-based cookie with a cream caramel center and caramel drizzle with sea salt sprinkled on top!  Here are some pics!

The new girl scout cookie is coming soon! Meet Adventurefuls Photo credit: Girl Scouts Jersey Shore
The new girl scout cookie coming soon! Adventurefuls and box Photo credit: Girl Scouts Jersey Shore

These are SO going right in my freezer!  (By the way, if you don't freeze your Girl Scout cookies I don't know if we can be friends).  Here's another fun fact...these cookies are not coming out of a warehouse somewhere... Ferrara's Bakery owns Little Brownie Baker and they make all the Jersey Shore girl scout cookies fresh-baked to order!

The only bummer? Cookie season is not until Jan 8th...but you can prepare by finding your local girl scout here to make sure your order gets in as soon as they are available!  These are going to be a top-seller. Put the Jersey Shore Morning Show with Lou & Shannon down for a box...or two...or three!  Lou's treating ;-)

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