It appeared she was just a visitor but a Neptune woman was arrested nonetheless after authorities spotted a high capacity gun magazine loaded with ammo in her pocketbook at the Monmouth County Courthouse Wednesday, according to Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.

Noelle Boynton, 35, placed her pocketbook on the X-ray machine and officers spotted a high capacity gun magazine loaded with ammunition on the belt and it was quickly confiscated.

When sheriff's officers got consent to then search the vehicle of Boynton they also found ten bags of heroin and oxycontin.

Although no gun was found on Boynton or in the vehicle, a further investigation is ongoing as it relates to a possible weapon.

Boynton is being charged with possession of a high capacity magazine and possession of CDS.

"The measures taken to provide the utmost security for visitors and those who work at the Monmouth County Courthouse are top notch," Sheriff Shaun Golden said. "An arrest like this helps keep dangerous weapons and drugs out of the workplace and our communities. I commend the diligent and exceptional police work of all involved."

In addition to charges Boynton is facing in Monmouth County, she also has numerous outstanding warrants from various municipalities and an outstanding warrant from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office.

The officers involved in the arrest were S/O Michael Haines and S/O Daniel Tacopino.

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