A Monmouth County police department partners with Prevention First of Ocean Township and local businesses that sell alcohol in a new initiative to prevent underage drinking. It's called the 100% Proofing Policy, according to Neptune Police Lieutenant Mike McGhee. He said as part of the program, many of the township's local bars and liquor store's have agreed to card everyone who purchases alcohol.

"It's a proactive approach to work together as a community and to kinda curtail any illegal beverage sales to underage youth," said McGhee.

But McGhee said local businesses are allowed to use some discretion.

"Yeah, the 100% Proofing is the intention but the regulars obviously don't have to be carded every time."

McGhee said their goal isn't to ticket or fine, it's to discourage youth from even trying to buy alcohol. He said so much so, when they do the summertime Cops and Shop's program there are little to no arrest.

The stores that have signed an agreement to take part are:

  • Rick's Wine & Liquors
  • Guy's Liquor Store
  • Krenkel's Day-Nite Liquor Store
  • Clancy's Tavern
  • Shop Rite Liquors
  • Discount Liquors
  • Jumping Brook Spirits
  • Alpha Liquors
  • Sprengel's Sports Bar

According to Neptune Township police press release, the purpose of carding everyone prevents mistakes, fines and penalties by eliminating the need to guess a customer's age.

Town's wanting to participate in the 100% Proofing Policy can contact the Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County (PCMC) at (732) 663-1800.  PCMC also has a Facebook page.  You can also get more information from a free Neptune Township Police Department app or Twitter account.

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