19-year old Dominic Regina of Jackson Township faces Aggravated Assault charges after allegedly injuring another 19-year old at an underage drinking party in Ocean Township (Monmouth County) early Sunday morning according to police.

miteemaus5, ThinkStock
miteemaus5, ThinkStock

Police responded to area near South Lincoln Avenue and Gates Avenue just after 2 am on Sunday morning after receiving a call about an assault victim who had suffered significant head injuries, was treated at the hospital and later released.

Upon further investigation police learned that the assault occurred inside a home on South Lincoln Avenue, where investigators found the accused suspect at an underage drinking party.

Nine people at the party were given Township Ordinances for underage drinking on private property including the party host 19-year old Ryan Pollina of Jackson who was arrested.

Pollina and Regina were arrested, processed and released on a criminal summons pending a court date in the future.

Other attendees of the underage drinking party who received ordinances are 20-year old Michael Healy, 20-year old Michael McKenzie, 20-year old Raymond Galindo, 19-year old Sierra Pollina, 19-year old Jordan Billups, 20-year old Gregory Basilotto and 20-year old Daniel Serreino, all from Jackson Township.

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