It's not easy to open a seafood restaurant at the Jersey Shore. There are many landmarks and lots of competition, but this new addition at the Jersey Shore is going to do just fine.

The Ocean County Mall has made a bunch of announcements recently regarding new additions, including P.F. Chang's which will be taking over part of the old Sears building.

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Are you ready for another new dining option? Mystic Lobster Roll Company is moving into the food court at Ocean County Mall taking the place of Stewart's.

Mystic Lobster is not new to the Jersey Shore. They are up and running on Long Beach Island in Beach Haven and Ship Bottom, on Hooper Avenue in Toms River, and in Tuckerton. Plus, according to Asbury Park Press, more spots will be popping up in Seaside Heights, Pt. Pleasant Beach, Lavallette, and up north in Montclair.

There's a reason Mystic Lobster Roll Company locations are sprouting up all over the Jersey Shore. The food is amazing.

If you're a lobster traditionalist, they've got you covered with fresh Maine or Connecticut lobster on a potato bun with butter.

Mystic Lobster

Have you ever tried surf and turf on a sandwich? Genius.

Mystic Lobster

This one is intriguing. A 'Deep South' lobster roll with chipotle mayo & candied jalapeño.

Mystic Lobster

Phil Tretola, founder of Mystic Lobster Roll Company summed up its success when speaking with The Asbury Park Press.

I just think I capitalized on something that really wasn't mainstream, and that's lobster rolls. There's really no place like mine. There's a million sub shops, a million pizzerias. But what you really don't have is someplace you can go in and get an unbelievable, super-fresh, Maine or Connecticut lobster roll.


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