Toms River residents are baffled by some mystery lights seen in the sky on Monday night.

 WOBM has obtained an EXCLUSIVE photo where you can see an illuminated disk over the downtown area, surrounded by colored lights.

WOBM Christmas Lights
WOBM Christmas Lights

 “If that ain’t from them there aliens from outer space then I don’t know what is” says Piney Pete, regular listener to our sister station 105.7 The Hawk.

 But a few other folks we talked to had some different ideas.  Christmas?  Could it be something new this year involving Santa?

 We’re not sure just yet… but this year is WOBM’s 50th Christmas in Ocean County.  And in celebration, we’re doing something that only WOBM can – making sure Santa has no problem finding Ocean County this year.

-Story by Chief WOBM Engineer Tom Trembly

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