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It seems like every day we are turning on the news and seeing more and more things about Coronavirus and the increasing cases here in New Jersey. Plus, we have a huge election coming up in less than ten days. I thought it would be interesting if I asked a few of my friends and family members what they are doing to pass the time.

My friend, who will remain nameless, told me that he likes to go window shopping. Just to confirm: he goes to random stores for no reason a.k.a window shopping. I thought this was cool, until he told me what was next: he told me that he fills up the cart while shopping and just walks away from it and leaves.

I flipped out on him, rightfully (in my opinion), so.

"How could you do that?!" I screamed at him over text message followed with expletives and explaining that someone has to put all of that away.

I just thought that it was so ignorant, you know? How could someone do that? How could someone I KNOW do that? WHO ELSE DOES THAT?!?

Retail workers have it hard enough.

He went on to tell me that the last time he did it was at Target a few weeks ago. Apparently, he filled up his cart and after an hour of picking things off of the shelves, he just left the store and left the cart filled in a random aisle.

This made me so angry.

Should I still be friends with this guy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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