In 1998 I was hired to do the Midday show on Soft Rock WOBM. Jeff Rafter was the PD, and Shawn Michaels & Lisa Leonard were the morning team.

I remember my first week there I kept getting calls from listeners who wanted to know where Joanne Cruise was. I had no idea who that was or that I was replacing an extremely popular on-air personality.

The listeners did embrace me quickly, probably because my voice is the complete opposite of hers, so there was no comparison. It was quite clear that I could never replace her, so I just did my own thing. 

I loved that time at WOBM. I spent about 5 years doing that show. A lot of changes took place in the world and in my life while I was there. First of all, the work atmosphere was that of a close family. We did everything together.

I had such great times with Shawn & Lisa, Jeff, Kim Harding, Nancy Cordiano, Patrice McCarron, Kevin Williams, Bob & Marianne Levy, our GM Don Dalesio, and so many more who worked on the air as part-timers and in the newsroom, promotions, production, and sales departments.

I had my first child while working there, and I watched the twin towers fall during 9-11 just as my show got underway a day after returning from maternity leave during Steve Gallagher's reign at the PD helm.

The listeners were incredible...they were always so devoted and showed up in droves for our events. We had some wild listener experiences/adventures/prize giveaways back then. Plus I loved being the Music Director.

I really do miss those days.

It was a magical time in radio.

Liz Jeressi
Liz Jeressi

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