I had high hopes for one of the first big blockbusters of the season, "Godzilla". I figured that, after the iconic monster's 1998 outing, that inadvertently turned into a bit of a comedy, that the writers, producers and director would make a point to keep this one suspenseful and action packed, and not veer into cheesy territory.

Man, was I wrong.

But first, let me get to the good parts -

The special effects and sound of the movie were absolutely phenomenal. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets nominated for visual effects and/or sound editing awards.

This is one of those movies that you have to see in the theater, on a huge screen with a loud sound system. At times it felt like the whole building rumbled with the deep bass of the monsters roaring and steel twisting. Things like that really bring you into the movie.

The only problem is that being in the movie is a questionable place to want to be.

The movie started hopefully enough - with suggestions of a government coverup in the 1940s, and a beast awakening in modern times.

The first "aw come on!" moment came when we got our first glimpse of the beast in question, and we saw wings unfold.

Wait, Godzilla doesn't have wings!

Yup, it sure looks like Mothra, Godzilla's infamous Japanese rival.

And then the cheesy bits just started rolling in, one after the other...

"The creature" (they never actually said the name "Mothra". But there is a subtle nod to the winged beast in one scene) can't be killed by nuclear bombs...it feeds off of nuclear power (natch). Scenes of the beast chowing down on mega-warheads like a person tossing popcorn into their mouth was more funny than startling.

A guy in the row behind me actually laughed out loud when the military revealed the name they've given to the creature - MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism).

I won't give away any more plot points, but suffice to say that those aren't the last of the corny things to be uttered on screen.

I mean look, if you want the definition of a Summer blockbuster - a big budget, big effects, a loud and visually stunning movie - "Godzilla" fits the bill.

I can't overstate enough how spectacular the visuals are.

If you're going for story though, this isn't the flick for you.

Have you seen "Godzilla"? What did you think?

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