Have you seen two suspects who tried robbing a home and a vehicle in Vincenzo Drive in Toms River Township?

Have you seen an $80,000 Audi Q8 that was stolen from a driveway in Jackson Township this week after suspects burglarized the home?

These are two ongoing cases that police in each township need your help in solving the case.

We also saw scary school bus crashes this week where some children had pain but avoided any type of serious injury.

How about the insane trend of gas prices skyrocketing seemingly, and sometimes literally, overnight giving drivers everywhere agita.

As a way of trying to ease the financial pain of that particular story, there were nearly 80 gas stations in North, Central, and South Jersey who set out to lower prices for one day as a way of helping bring attention and awareness to how much lower gas prices could be for everyone if lawmakers in Trenton instituted self-serve gas as at least an option in New Jersey.

On top of that, many moms and dads are trying to find baby formula after a big problem with a shortage and recall this week.

There was a lot that happened this week.

Here are the most impactful News stories of the week out of Ocean County, Monmouth County, the Jersey Shore, and New Jersey.

Most impactful Jersey Shore News Stories of the week

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