Shake Shack has become so popular, especially in the last 5 years.

Shake Shack has a new "HOT" menu out. Thanks to the, Shake Shack's newest menu items are Hot Ones Chicken, Hot Ones Burger, and Hot Ones Bacon Cheese Fries.

There are several Shake Shacks in Monmouth County. The closest ones to us in Ocean County are the Shake Shacks in Eatontown and Wall Township. They have some new locations opening up in New Jersey. With already 13 Shake Shacks in New Jersey, when are we getting one in Ocean County?

The new locations for Shake Shack are at Menlo Park Mall in Edison and another location in Jersey City. So, that will be a total of 15 in New Jersey with none in Ocean County, according to

The Shake Shack at the rest stop on the Garden State Parkway is always crowded. It's tough to just run in and grab a milk shake without standing in a line. The Shake Shack milk shakes are so good, so I will wait.

magone, Getty Images
magone, Getty Images

When we think Ocean County, where would a Shake Shack fit? I'm thinking the Ocean County Mall. Possibly in Toms River. Maybe Manahawkin, along Rt. 72. How about on the Island, LBI?

Lea from Pt. Pleasant wants a Shake Shack on Rt. 88 in Brick.

Tom from Lacey wants one on Rt. 9 in Forked River.

Shelly from Little Egg Harbor wants one located in Tuckerton. One thing about Tuckertown, though is Stewarts right there on the main street in Tuckerton. I guess there's room for both, possibly.

I totally agree with this one: Barbara from Bayville wants one in Bayville. Yes, I agree.

Click here to find out about Shake Shake's "HOT" menu.

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