The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office held a unique swearing-in ceremony for one of their comrades who was deployed with the United States Army overseas.

Sheriff Shaun Golden administered the oath of office to Sergeant Wagner Moreno who is currently in the Middle East via Skype:

“... I’m proud to have this unique opportunity to assist in  administering the oath of office to Sgt. Wagner Moreno, while actively serving his country.”


According to the note that was posted on Facebook, Sgt. Moreno has been in the armed forces since 1995 and is a pilot for United States Army. The post goes on to say that Sgt. Moreno had previously worked in courthouse security, transportation, and warrants. He was later transferred to the criminal investigation bureau where today, he is a detective.

The note continues: “[the event] took some planning … Once the Skype swearing in occurred, members of law enforcement and family proudly watched as the sergeant recited his well deserving oath.”

Sgt. Moreno says that it isn’t easy being away from his family, but it is a privilege to serve his country: “I thank all who made this special day possible and look forward to a safe return home, where I will continue to work with my fellow members of law enforcement…”

Something like this is new for the agency, with it being the first time someone has been sworn in while serving overseas.

The full note published to Facebook:


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