In an effort to curb voter fraud Monmouth County Prosecutors representatives will be on-call and ready to respond to reports of people casting a fraudulent vote, attempting to cast an illegal vote and address any issues of voter intimidation from any source, according to Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni.

Representatives will also be available to assist voters with questions of fraudulent voting, illegal voting and voter intimidation.

Matters of security at any polling place and any emergency that law enforcement encounters will also be addressed by assistant prosecutors who will be on duty during normal voting hours 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm to respond to these issues.

To report any issues of voter fraud or misconduct call the Monmouth County hotline at 855-786-5878.

Monmouth County Prosecutors say that the State Office of the Attorney General will also be on hand at the county Board of Elections headquarters to provide representation on legal issues arising at the polling places throughout Monmouth County, "including but not limited to questions of whether an individual voter has been properly registered, or if an individual is eligible to cast votes for any election within their residential jurisdictions."

The State Office of the Attorney General oversees the New Jersey State Division of Elections and deploys the Deputy Attorney Generals to help determine the eligibility of voters who may have been turned away by their designated polling place.

Judges are available at the Monmouth County Courthouse to rule on whether a voter who has been challenged at the local polling place may be allowed to vote.

If persuaded by the voter, the Judge may order a provisional ballot or absentee ballot be issued to the applicant voter.

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