The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office is leading the investigation as they search for the man who tried to rape a woman jogging in a county park in Marlboro on Thursday.

Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linskey announced Saturday that the MCPO SVU and Marlboro Police learned that the woman was running approximately 100 feet off the Henry Hudson Trail in Marlboro Township's Big Brook Park near the trail's eastern terminus at Boundary Road around 11:45 am.

While on her run, she noticed a man stretching and moments later he came after her, physical attacking her, which forced her to the ground.

He then allegedly brandished a knife and ultimately used the weapon to cause minor injuries to her arms.

The man then is accused of exposing himself and trying to sexually assault the woman.

Acting Prosecutor Linskey said that the woman managed to fight him off and then the attacked fled the area in an unknown direction.

The suspect who attacked the woman is described as a "tanned white adult male with medium-length hair, standing approximately 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 240 pounds, wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants."

In addition, the suspect reportedly has a raised scar on of his ears, light facial hair and a distinctive neck tattoo.

New Jersey State Police created a sketch of the alleged suspect you see in the article.

This incident may be tied to others as well, as the MCPO is investigating this one and working with law enforcement within Monmouth County on other similarly incidents that have taken place recently as well.

If you have any information about this attack, you're urged to contact MCPO Detective Joshua Rios at 1-800-533-7443.

Acting Prosecutor Linskey explained that the man who attacked the jogger "is to be considered armed and dangerous, and anyone who believes they have encountered him is urged not to approach him and instead immediately dial 911."

(Photo Sketch Courtesy: New Jersey State Police/Monmouth County Prosecutors Office)
(Photo Sketch Courtesy: New Jersey State Police/Monmouth County Prosecutors Office)

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