Did you hear about this Mom in Georgia, who thought her son was feeling "entitled" made him shop with his own money at Goodwill and wear that clothing for an entire week?

I'm sure she got some slack for this for using Goodwill, but it's perfect to me.  Just like her, I love Goodwill, but it's just the point of kids thinking they should get EVERYTHING.  She wanted to teach her son that just because someone buys their clothing at Goodwill, they are no less of a person because they're not wearing a name brand, brand new piece of clothing.  This is brilliant.

For my child, we are so lucky, or I should say I'm very lucky, because we get most of Abby's clothing from friends.  Hand-me-downs are the BEST.  Thank goodness she is not big into buying all of the best clothing.  She doesn't need those brand new Under Armor sneakers.  We get the stuff from her friends who bought them brand new.  Kids clothing and sneakers are so expensive.  And most children do not want to buy a non-brand piece of clothing so that means a lot of money out of Moms and Dads pockets.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Thanks to the patch.com for this story, CLICK HERE for the entire story and the picture of her 13 year old in Goodwill.  It's a lesson we can all learn from.  It's not about the clothing we wear, money does not grow on trees, and money is not everything.  Kids do think they are entitled to everything, but it could be our fault as parents. It is our job to spoil our children, but at the same time teach them manners and kindness most of all. As a parent of a 12 year old I feel guilty when she's mad at me, but it's OK. She does act bratty, but once again it's OK. She wears non-brand clothing and a pair of her sneakers that she loves were bought at the Dollar General. She's not afraid to tell anyone that either. I can't embarrass her yet with clothing, however I can embarrass her just me being me, and that's greatest thing in her little "entitled" life. (ha ha ha)

Moms we are doing the best job we can!

To the Mom in Georgia, "Kudos to you"!

What do you think? Was the lesson learned? Did you ever do something like this to your child?

**Side note, the other week, it was a Sunday, I had to run into Goodwill and there was a line waiting to get into the store. There must have been 100 people waiting to go into the store.  I thought it was Black Friday.  Here's the video of The Goodwill stampede getting in. I was blown away at the amount of the people. Maybe just a good discount day!  Happy shopping...



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