We have been following this construction since it first began on the corner of Route 166 and Indian Head Road. For months we wondered what would become of the site and what would go there, then we heard possibly “Goodwill” and now it’s obvious.

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This will benefit our community and help those in need. If you weren’t familiar with Goodwill Donation Centers…..here is a bit about their mission statement.

  • Jumpstart an equitable economic recovery with workers and employers across the United States and Canada.
  • Keep millions of pounds of stuff people used to love in use and out of landfills.


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Shawn Michaels


This is an opportunity to help local residents find work, train and get necessary tools to advance in workforce and today more then ever we need to get folks who are eager and ready to work. This also gives residents a chance to donate items they no longer need, that others might love and keep these items out of a landfill. Let’s face it one persons garbage is another’s treasure…..let’s use this to recycle ♻️

I could not find any dates for when this donation center will open. It appears this will be a drop off only center, no shopping in-store, but we will keep you posted. Remember your donations help fund economic projects….job training etc, and helps reduce waste at area landfills by re-selling these items at a bargain price to others. Goodwill has stores in Brick Township and Berkeley Township.

Shawn Michaels


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