Watching and cheering the Olympic athletes every night was a routine that many of us happily fell into. Now that the Olympics are over, are you suffering from a little withdrawal? I have a great solution to what ails you:  Watch the Paralympics!

You'll see athletes with disabilities showing remarkable skill, strength, speed, and endurance in a variety of sports.  8 of the Paralympians hail from New Jersey including 2 from Monmouth County.  (I'll tell you more about them in the coming days.)

Going to the Paralympics in London in 2012 was one of the highlights of my life.  Watching swimmers with one arm, runners with prosthetic legs, and long-jumpers with no sight, I was inspired.  Talk about people not letting anything get in their way!  The men and women competing in those games reminded me how strong and resilient human beings can be.

They are athletes who say "Yes, I can!" in a world that often says, "No, you can't."  This promo video from the U.K. shows some remarkable feats of Paralympians on and off the field.

If you want to see drama, intensity, and impressive athleticism, I encourage you to set your DVR to watch some of the Paralympics.  Here's the TV schedule as of now: