The remains of a Lakewood teenager who never showed up to meet some friends in a township park Sunday night are found in a patch of woods in the township.

Elibit Mena (courtesy Lakewood PD)
Elibit Mena (courtesy Lakewood PD)

The body of Elibit Mena was discovered in a thicket near Arlington Avenue at about 2:15 this afternoon, by a woman taking her dog for a walk according to township police.

No one is under arrest. Police have combed for leads since Sunday. Mena's unattended car was found that afternoon in the lot of Shenandoah Park.

Police disclosed no details about conditions surrounding the discovery, offered no estimate of the amount of time that Mena's body was in the spot, and did not speculate whether it had been moved.

This is a developing story. We'll have more details as they surface.

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