With GPS units being at all time lows as far as expense is concerned, many of us rely on the navigation aids to get us where we need to be. But what would you do if your GPS lead you wrong, very wrong?

Most of us have probably had the experience of a GPS telling us to turn a street too early, or suggesting to take a right where no right turn actually exists. But normally they recalculate pretty quickly and get us where we need to be.

I've even had the experience of becoming totally exasperated and shutting the thing off to take my chances. Let's be honest, with constant construction, Ocean County isn't exactly GPS friendly when it comes to the most up to date map info.

But how about this woman from Belgium who planned to embark on a 90 mile trek, and allowed her technological navigator to lead her 900 miles out of her way.

Yahoo News says that she simply, "[got] distracted, so I just kept driving".

I mean sure, it's possible for an hour and a half drive to turn into two hours or even a little more, but how do you drive nearly 1,000 miles over two days without realizing that you just might be a little lost?

By the way, she ended up in Croatia. Yeah, just a little out of her way.

Have you ever experienced any GPS drama? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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