Two weeks after being laid to rest, beloved Seaside Park resident Joell Lanfrank was memorialized in the same water where she prematurely lost her life.

The 44-year-old yoga instructor had a personality that resonated with everyone she encountered, which was made clear when thousands came to pay their respects at the Timothy E. Ryan Home For Funerals on the last Friday in September.

This weekend, friends and family organized a memorial more appropriate to her life, with a full schedule complete with sunrise yoga, a beach clean-up, and a paddle-out ceremony.

Dozens of surfers took to the Atlantic and circled up beyond the waves for a special moment of reflection. Onlookers watched from the shore and tossed flower petals into the shallow waters. All the while, a group performed a special kirtan in honor of Joell's inspirational presence.

All of this took place on the "O" Street Beach in Seaside Park, the same beach she loved to surf, and the same place where she was untimely taken from this world. Many have since dubbed this the "Om" Street Beach, in honor of Joell's devout yoga practice.

"Om" Street, Seaside Park
"Om" Street, Seaside Park

Custom wristbands with the text "Light. Life. Love" were available in exchange for donations to Joell's favorite animal charities, the phrase a reference to Joell's favorite yoga sendoff, "You are light. You are life. You are love". Those words seem to resonate now more than ever.

The next time you make your way into Seaside Park, be sure to stop by "Om" Street. Take your shoes off and get your feet sandy. Stroll to the water's edge and stick your feet into the surf. Feel the sun on your skin and smell the fresh, salty air. For a brief moment, allow your troubles slip away and remember Joell's words.

You are light. You are life. You are love.

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