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This week, Sue and I loved getting to know Heather Scanlon, who was nominated by her friend Joan (and Robin too) to be this Week's Woman of the Week (WOW)! Heather has played a huge role in Lacey Township for over 40 years, including being part of the PTA, Girl Scouts, the Lacey Municipal Alliance, and the Rotary Club of Forked River! She also finds time to spend with her family on top of such a busy schedule! Read Joan's nomination below:

Heather has been involved in all aspects of Lacey Township for over 40 years. She has had an active role in the Board of Education, the PTA's in several of our schools, her church, girl scouts and at present the Lacey Municipal Alliance, and the Rotary Club of Forked River. Her many endeavors show how much she cares for Lacey Township and everyone that lives there.
Being the head of the Municipal Alliance, she works with the Police, Schools, Community Groups and businesses to provide community members with quality programs which educate the citizens of Lacey about drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse and misuse. She has a great passion and drive to make our township a better place to live. She focuses on and works with all age groups to keep individuals and families healthy and safe. Her primary goal is the welfare of all residents of Lacey.
While she never looks for recognition or credit, there are many people who appreciate what she does for their community. Her many activities show that she just wants to make sure all age groups are kept informed about how to best live their lives.
Heather is married and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. Even as busy as she il she loves to spend time with her family and is always there for them whenever she is needed.

When we called Joan, she had so many beautiful things to say about her friend. You could tell they have a beautiful friendship.

Then, we got to call Heather to congratulate her!

Heather - thank you for all you do for Ocean County. It's clear you've made a difference in so many people's lives. You are what it means to be a Woman of the Week (WOW)!

Diana Tyler
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