The Toms River Zoning Board of Adjustment holds a final public hearing this Thursday on a heliport application by the owner of a marina on Route 37 near the Mathis Bridge.

MONOC Medevac,
MONOC Medevac (

Robert Grogan of Florham Park, the owner of Toms River Properties LLC, is seeking the heliport for personal use, which has some residents of the nearby Breezy Point Development concerned about noise, potential accidents, and property values being further reduced in a neighborhood still recovering from Super Storm Sandy.

Attorney Harvey L. York, of Novins, York & Jacobus in Toms River, representing the marina owner, said his client has placed testimony on the record that he would not use the heliport more than 25 times a year, adding it would be used as a helistop by MONOC MedEVAC, based out of Ocean County Airport in Berkeley Township as an emergency landing zone to evacuate injured people.

"This would save a great deal of time for them and it would also provide a recognized landing zone for the entire barrier island," said York. "They would be taking people from this spot to either Community Medical Center [in Toms River], a trauma center, Jersey Shore Medical Center [in Neptune], or other points where they need to be evacuated to."

In terms of noise, York pointed out an expert testified that the particular helicopter his client would be using makes noise no louder than a lawn mower, adding no fueling would be done at the site.

"The expert, who has 10,000 hours of helicopter piloting and is an instructor as well, said the possibility of an accident if very minimal," noted York. He added "It will take off west to east or east to west, not over the homes."

The Breezy Point community is named for the windy conditions the waterfront development experiences, according to residents. York reiterated what the expert  explained in great detail, "that if conditions are not right, the helicopter does not fly. It's not like a fixed-wing aircraft. Bad weather grounds a helicopter."

Thursday's public hearing takes place a 7:30 p.m. at Toms River Town Hall, at 33 Washington Street.

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