So this week we learned that at times when you are traveling you will NOT have to wear a facemask. I'll be honest it's confusing because most airlines seem to have done away with mask-wearing, but some are self-imposing their ban to continue. I am also not sure about other transportation like trains, cabs, ships, etc.


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It seems like this is an issue that will take some time to clear up, for now, if you are traveling either continue to mask up or ask if you can remove yours.



My question though with this article is, will you continue to wear a mask when traveling or if you can will you toss your mask in the garbage and enjoy a
"maskless" trip?



To be honest, I don't care if people do or don't wear masks, that's your choice and you do you, right? For me, I'm done, if I have permission to go maskless while traveling I am and I am totally comfortable being maskless. Kinda silly to me to be everywhere else during your day "maskless" but if you get on a bus or plane you have to mask up. ismail mohamed - SoviLe ismail mohamed - SoviLe


So let us know what your thinking when it comes to mask-wearing and traveling, we always love hearing your thoughts and welcome you to call in with Shawn & Sue at 732-237-WOBM Weekday Morning from 5-10 AM



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