I’m often amazed that so many whose basic needs are filled everyday have no idea that there are so many who come up empty.  Most of you who are hearing this (or reading this) are able to wake up in the morning and start your day with breakfast if you wish.  Later you can enjoy lunch and at the end of your day sit down by yourself or with family and have a full dinner.  At the end of the night you sleep in a bed in the home or apartment you might share with your family.  The next day you repeat the process.

Yes for most of us that is part of the daily regiment with work, school or taking care of your family in between.  For others that is what they wish they had because their lifestyle is quite different.  I have learned in the past year or so about the increasing numbers of those who live right here in Ocean County for which shelter, clothing and food are daily challenges.  There are children who go to bed each night hungry and also live with the fear of being homeless, often moving from one place to another and yes even sleeping in cars.

I know there are many programs to help and we have hundreds of devoted volunteers who go above and beyond to make an impact and address these needs.  However it’s hard to know about the emotional state of children for whom life is filled with challenges that some can’t imagine.

We need to show more empathy and do what we can.  A community is not just about those who have but those who have not.

Note-Every Friday a group of volunteers distribute free food in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church of Toms River on Hooper Avenue.  This includes fresh produce, dairy, pasta, bread, canned goods and more.  No registration needed from 9a-1p...just drive up and pop your trunk and they will fill you up.

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