The weekend weather was beautiful.  With lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, the conditions were perfect for the Making Strides walk as well as The Glow and lots of other seasonal activities.

What did you do to make the most of it?  Did you go apple picking?  Pumpkin picking?  Did you buy fresh produce at a farm stand?  Did you pull weeds like I did.  I know weeding is the least fun activity among the others I mentioned, but it had to be done and it gave me a reason to be outdoors.

And now we're looking at a week of above average temperatures.  Ocean County will enjoy Upper 70s and Lower 80s according to WOBM Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.  So let's help each other figure out how to make the most of this week.  In the Comments section below, please share one of the things you're going to do outdoors this week.

Golfing? Going to the beach? Strolling along the boardwalk? Gardening? Reading outside? Extra long dog walks? Road trip with the windows down?  Is there an outdoor event you're planning to attend?