You are probably aware that yesterday was Ash Wednesday and that begins a six-week period known as Lent where Christians are expected to give up something as a sacrifice.

Often it will be food-related or they may pledge to stop smoking or commit to a cause that benefits others.  While its 46 days until Easter Lent is a 40-day season because Sundays are not included.

Since this all ties in to spring many non-Christians use this period to make a sacrifice of their own so I wanted to survey my fellow co-workers and Facebook friends to see what if anything they were going to give up.  Here are some results:

  • There were the expected list of food items including ice cream, soda, snacks, sweets, sugar, dairy, bread and fast food.
  • Alcohol only got a mention or two.
  • Cigarettes
  • Cursing
  • Facebook was mentioned by many when it came to giving something up with my wife among many who vow to do this.
  • Watching or reading the news.
  • COVID-19 was a popular and somewhat sarcastic choice.

But many people plan to use these troubled times to take a very different approach, almost a mental “spring cleaning” if you will.  They vow to stop thinking negatively and even remove negative people from their life.

Many plan to help others which is summed up in this Facebook comment.  “As Christians we should take something on rather than give something up for Lent.  I think I’m going to pray every day and begin volunteering some of my time at a worthy charity.”

Then there are those who can’t avoid trying to get a laugh when asked, “What are you giving up?"

"Shoveling snow, vegetables, the shingles I got two months ago, work, pork roll and cheese sandwiches and my personal favorite, listening to the Hometown View each morning," were some of the answers.

As for yours truly,  if I gave up negativity than I would have nothing to talk about so I’ll go with trying to help others while making some effort to improve my diet.


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