Lover's, It's New Jersey's Most Romantic Spots For Valentines Day! Yes, we have the Top 15 most romantic locations in New Jersey for you this Valentine's Day. These spots are perfect for lovers in Jersey!


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According to a report from U.S. News and World Report, these are the "15 Top Romantic Getaways in New Jersey". In the article, they taught Jersey's variety "Mountains, lakes and a scenic shoreline along the ocean – you could be talking about California, but all of these dreamy vistas are available to enjoy in New Jersey alongside someone you love." Edgar Chaparro Edgar Chaparro



I think many forget just what a beautiful state New Jersey is. All the late-night comedy hacks talk about is a stretch of the turnpike that's only a few miles long and they make it seem like that's all Jersey is, but we know we have a little of everything.

Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Beaches, Ocean, Cities, Small Towns, and everything in between. So this list is a bit of everything and maybe a spot for you to slip off with a lover for this Valentine's Day. Here's the TOP 15 according to U.S. News and World Report.



So maybe there is a romantic spot for you this Valentine's Day. Let us know where your favorite romantic spot is, in New Jersey. Post your recommendations below and share your "romantic spots" for us all to enjoy in New Jersey Happy Valentine's Day.



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