Raise your hand if you always lose things:

See the source image

Raise your hand if you would lose your head if it wasn't attached to your body:

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So then you should also raise your hand for this....Raise your hand if you ALWAYS lose your phone like it is your job:

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Yes....I rose my hand for all three questions right there with you.

I lose my phone no matter where I am and my friends have come to expect it from me.

"Someone call Nicole's phone again!"

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I'm sorry...I am what I am.

Well I stumbled upon a happy accident using my Alexa smart speaker that I did not know existed.

If I am slow to joining the party...whatever! But I am sure there is at least ONE of you out there who did not know this Alexa skill existed.

When you buy any smart speaker, one of the first things it asks for is a primary phone number to link to.

Of course, my phone is already linked because my dog Carolina doesn't have a cell phone just yet. Or does she......???

In case you have not yet linked your phone to your smart speaker, here are step by step instructions:

You'll need to have your phone linked to take advantage of this tool.

How To Connect Your Phone To Your Alexa For This Cool Trick

Here we go...

Okay, back to this cool skill.

One evening, I was getting ready to take Carolina for her final walk of the day and asked Alexa for the temperature outside to determine what I should wear to be comfortable.

"Alexa, what temperature is it outside?"

As I was getting ready, I realized I lost my phone (I know, shocker) in the sea of blankets I have on my bed. I need it for the flashlight.

"Oh man! Carolina, do you see my phone?" 

Yes, I talk to my dog. Let me live.

Because Alexa was activated for the outdoor temperature, she heard my second response and asked if she should call my phone.

I said "Yes, please" while in awe.


It comes through as 'No Caller ID' on my end.

As far as the number of times I have used this feature to find my phone? That I will plead the fifth on.

But if I have come to rely on it this much, I am sure there a lot of other scatter-brained individuals out there who will survive because of this skill too.

Good luck....and don't forget your phone.

And if you do....ask Alexa for help!

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