Italian night, anyone? Alexa, play "That's Amore!"

Whether you're in the mood for risotto, pizza, pasta, gnocchi, lasagne, chicken parmesan, bruschetta, calzones, baked ziti or even an Italian meatball sub, Italian food can satisfy any appetite!

Spaghetti and Meatballs
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Lucky for us, great Italian food is not hard to find in New Jersey, as there is a huge Italian population in the state. But if you're not cooking that baked ziti at home, where can you find the BEST Italian restaurant in New Jersey? Olive Garden lovers, please sit down., an online authority in all things food, has an idea in their list of "Every U.S. State's Best Italian Restaurant." And there are some heavy hitters on their list.

Meat lasagna
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So what's the absolute best Italian restaurant in New Jersey, according to LoveFood? Good news for you if you're in Middlesex County!

Catherine Lombardi - New Brunswick, NJ

Google Maps
Google Maps

The best Italian restaurant in New Jersey, according to the list, is Catherine Lombardi, located at 3 Livingston Ave in New Brunswick!

Here's what LoveFood has to say about this place:

"The menu is based on her recipes and customers love the cozy atmosphere as well as the garlic bread; spinach and mushroom ravioli, and fried calamari with sweet and spicy marinara."

Their menu features cold antipasti plates, fancy cheese boards, appetizers with house-made mozzarella, seafood dishes, and house specialties like Lasagna with Meat Gravy, Wild Boar Bolognese, Tortelloni, Garganelli with Truffle Cream, and Veal Parmigiana.

Do you agree with this pick? Let us know where your go-to spot is for Italian food in New Jersey!

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