If you or your child is into art and drawing...this is for you!  How cool is this?

The Borough of Seaside Heights is looking for art students in Ocean County to help put their touch in rebuilding Seaside with colorful talents.

They would like murals to be painted with a Seashore Theme and are looking for volunteers that would like to add their personal touch.  I do believe the murals have begun but they're still looking for local spectacular artists of Ocean County!

How awesome would it be to walk by the mural your child or your neighbor's child drew on these great buildings in Seaside.  They'll be around for years and years to come.  I just love this idea and hopefully you know somebody that will get involved!  What a way to help Restore the Shore!

Have fun and happy drawing!

Contact info:

Mike Graichen

732 - 793 - 9100 ext. 227

Borough of Seaside Heights

Municipal Building

901 Boulevard

Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

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